Saturday, March 28, 2009

Free E-book from Author CJ West

From Author CJ West...

Hello Readers,

I have a special gift for you today!

I'm in a celebratory mood since Marla Cukor has finished the screenplay based on Sin & Vengeance. Readers have been raving about Sin & Vengeance since it was released 3 years ago, but you've probably never heard of it.

Now is your chance to read it for free!

I'm hoping that if enough people read the book online, we'll have a huge audience for the movie when it comes out.

Here's what you can do with your free Ebook:

You can save it.
You can read it.
You can copy it.
You can email it.

You can email the link if you'd like to save space.

Just please don't change it or sell it.

Above all, please, please, please share it! PASSWORD: cjwest


If you'd like to see more of what CJ has to offer then be sure to check out the rest of his website at .

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