Friday, January 9, 2009

Backdated Reviews

For the greater part of 2008 I was a reviewer and administrator for another book review website and blog. I had a blast, and was able to share my thoughts through reviews on lots of wonderful books. Unfortunately towards the later half of the year though I felt my welcome outstayed, so I opted to step down from both my role as administrator and reviewer.

It was shortly there after that I decided to start up my own review blog. Because my reviews were technically still the property of the other site, I wasn't able to cross post any of them here. However, effective the beginning of this year, the other site's owner decided to close up shop. I'm sorry to hear this, especially knowing the behind the scenes circumstances. But, I am happy to say that I can at least now share my older reviews with you here. Maybe not all of them, and certainly not all at once. I will though begin working to add in, at least, my favorites from the bunch. So, be on the look out.

-Bookish Mom, aka RebekahC

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